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(all Brook Trout posted on this site were released)

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The 2019 video, features clips from a variety of trips to the famous Nipigon River and Lake Nipigon in search of Brook Trout.

"Fish'n the Nipigon" 2019 (newest)

Check out the 2018 video also called, "Fish'n the Nipigon"



The Nipigon Area

A focus on the conservation,
development & protection


"To protect, enhance and where necessary restore the natural ecosystems, populations and wilderness quality of the Lake Nipigon Basin". (Signature Site goal)

Famous for the size and quality of the brook trout, the Nipigon...(read more)

Salvelinus Fontinalis

An Overview of the Biology of the
Brook Trout, AKA "


So why are the Nipigon Brook Trout so big, challenging to catch and allureing for the past century? Their distinctive body markings, fast water habitat and powerful square tails make them a highly prized challenge for anglers. The Nipigon strain of brook trout is famous for its size and has developed unique... (read more)

Research & Conservation

Historic overview & current efforts
to revitalize the species.


" ...They were collected in pools and were so numerous as to ruin the sport” may have been true 150 years ago, but it didn't take man very long to change the balance of nature. By the late 1800's, the 'Nepigon' was popularized by magazine articles touting its wonders and prized possession, the Brook Trout. (read more)

History of the 'Nepigon'

Review of the world record,
the river & the people of this pristine treasure.


The Nipigon River has a storied history once dubbed the finest trout stream in the world.” by Field & Stream magazine in 1887. From the early days of the "Gentlemen Anglers" to Dr. Cook's record catch, the "Nepigon" as it was once known, has experienced overfishing, habitat destruction and... (read more)

Fly Fishing

A conservationist's approach to
fishing the Nipigon.


The Nipigon is a large, deep river with a heavy flow rate. Sink tips or shooting heads fit the bill as casting full sinking lines all day will wear you out in this current. A 7 or 8 weight rod is best suited. Most practice "catch & release" ...(read more)

Photo Gallery and Contact

Additional "Grin Shots",
and a bit "About Me".


Looking for photos of big Brookies? Am I compensating for something or just an enthusiastic angler? All of these Nipigon Brook Trout were released. Learn a bit about my passion and enjoy some photo memories and videos...(read more)




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Brook Trout Heaven video trailer for the 2015 season


The World Record Brook Trout


This is a story not just of the world record, but of a plenitude of fish that once existed in a... (read more)

Catch Charts


11 year stats:

1258 fish tagged
av. length = 17.9"
av. weight  = 3.5 lbs.
21% recaptured...
read more)

Gentlemen Anglers and Royalty


The Nipigon, served to attract crowds of wealthy and famous anglers at the turn of the century..
(read more)

Influences that changed Nipigon


Factors like the log drive, the need for hydro and fishing pressure changed the Nipigon...
read more)

Understanding Splake & Coasters


"Coasters," are a Great Lakes strain of Brook Trout.
"Splake" are a man-created hybrid (read more)...

Nipigon River


The Nipigon River, famous for the quantity and size of its brook trout has undergone... (read more)



The Brook Trout is a distinctive looking fish with its unique colouration and body patterns. Red dots with blue halos

(read more)



Brook trout spawn in the fall over areas of groundwater upwelling on the Nipigon River.

(read more)

Fly Fishers


"19th C anglers concentrated their fly-fishing efforts on the rapids and fast water at the base of falls for 2 reasons"

(read more)



Before you go Brook Trout fishing in the Nipigon area, read the MNR regs. Please practice "Catch and Release)

(read the regs)



Brook Trout Rehabilitation in the Ontario Waters of
Lake Superior, Lake Nipigon, and the Nipigon River

(read more)



Brook trout were once common throughout much of Lake Superior, Lake Nipigon, and the Nipigon River.

(read more)